Canapés ~ Unexpected flavours & Asian influence!

Served on slates, oak boards and bamboo;

Mediterranean Biscuits’
Caramelised onion, parsley, anchovy and gruyere

Asparagus and Mozzarella
Courgette rapped around asparagus, wild rocket, fennel, mozzarella and pistou

Mini Chilli Lime Chicken Skewers
Lime chicken with coriander, lime and chilli dip or spicy red chilli dip

Shot of Coriander and Coconut and Soup
A rich tom yum style soup made rich with coconut and a dash of cream

King Prawn Fritters with Romesco sauce
Prawns and paprika fritters with a piquant red pepper dip

Madagascan Prawns with Iberian ham
Steamed prawns wrapped in the finest Spanish air dried ham with rocket and aioli

Lamb Kofte
Miniature minced lamb kebabs char grilled and wrapped in flat bread with tomato chilli jam, herbs and tahini yogurt

Parsnip and pickled walnut
Spiced parsnip fritters filled with pickled walnut and served with preserved lemon crème fraiche

Oriental Balls with Nuoc Cham dip
Beef, water chestnuts and garlic meatballs with a spicy chilli, lime and fish sauce dip

Indian bread and butter pudding with pistachio and rosewater
Pannetone in a rich egg custard with apricots, dates and pistachios, flavoured with rosewater

Toffee apple wedges with fruit coulis
Chewy toffee covered crisp apple with a fruit berry dip

Lincolnshire poacher cheddar
Wedges of cheddar topped with Membrillo and cress garnish