Catering ~ The Shalbourne Racing Stables - "The Nosebag"

aka ...eating on the hoof ...horses for courses ...loosen your girths ...the horse trough

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Horses Doofers

Bedding Straws (s)
Devils on Horseback (g)
Chicken Esgallops and Coronation Cup Dip (g)
Red Rum aka Stirrup Cup (g)
Fruit de Mare (g)
Whips and Crops (g)
Sunny Pastures (g)

The Mane Course...
served at the Top Stables

Filly de Beouf and Horseradish Garnish (g)Paddock Pie with Pony Nuts (s,v)

Vege-stables (pick of the crop)

Salad of Manger Touts, Runner Beans and Cobnuts (s,v)
Red Hot Favourite (s,v)
Saddle Back potatoes (g,v)
Nosebag Taboulleh (s,v)

Dessert Orchids

Horse Shoe Pastry & Gooseberry Foal (g) Mask-a-pony Mississippi Stud Pie with Chocolate chip Bookies (s)
Strawberry Roan (g)
Racing Colours aka Jockey Silks (g) Chestnut Mare-engues & whipped cream (s)

The Eighth Furlong

Filly-delphia and other delights from the

The Final Straight ...Tail End

Coffee with Dark Horses (g) and Shergared Almonds (s)


Please De-canter your own wine
Our recommended wine 'Cote de Roan'

Race Night

Menu Key:-

G = gelded, no nuts
S =stallion, contains nuts
V = pony nuts, vegetarian