Catering - WI Christmas Dinner – Tradition with a Twist

Foot Long Straws
Crispy three cheese(s) straws with caraway seeds

Glugg Pears and Stilton
Crumbled blue cheese with hazelnuts and poached pears nestling in red chicory

Christmas Lunch in a mouth full!
Ballotine of chicken, stuffed with herby sausage and garnished with bread and cranberry sauces,

Butternut and Walnut
Roast butternut squash with walnut pesto served on a parmesan tuile

Oak Smoked Salmon
Smoked salmon with smoked trout, horseradish cream and asparagus garnish

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Pan fried salmon with fennel and seafood sauce

Roast Pheasant with bacon braised barley and whiskey cream sauce

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Rich Dark Belgian Chocolate Brownie with Figs and Chestnuts

Caramelised Clementines with pomegranate seeds and caramel shards

Frozen Woodland Berries served with Hot White Chocolate Sauce

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Lincolnshire poacher cheddar
Wedges of cheddar topped with Membrillo and cress garnish

Croquet monsieur morsels
Crispy Wiltshire ham and gruyere layered sandwich!

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Coffee and a selection of teas with Mint Chocolates