Wedding Canapés

Mark, Lucy and their guests took a barge to get them to their wedding feast.

En-route Revel In food supplied canapés to add to the entertainment. With limited space it poses a fun challenge to produce and present interesting canapés, but we delivered the innovative selection of canapés shown below.

Canapé selection

  • Freshly baked foot long cheese and caraway straws
  • Hot sticky sausages cooked with honey and soy sauce
  • Stuffed chicken beast filled with pork, herbs and truffle topped with plum sauce
  • Roasted butternut squash served with walnut pesto on crispy parmesan biscuits
  • Smoked salmon spirals with smoked salmon pate filling ...and a few other flavours!


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The Rose of Hungerford Barge
The Rose of Hungerford at Hungerford Wharf (Jonathan Billinger) / CC BY-SA 2.0