Annie Whitcher - The Chef

The Chef ~ Meet Annie

I'm self taught and have always enjoyed food – cooking it, eating it, buying it, growing it, reading about it…and seem to have an innate talent for creating exciting, flavoursome food!

My willing friends and family have provided endless opportunity for practice and experimentation. I've eaten myself around the world, most recently travelling to Australia, getting inspiration from the rich, diverse and cosmopolitan flavours and styles. See our menus from around the world. Also having been a vegetarian myself for many years, I know veggie food!

I stay up to date, learning through short courses, exploring the 'London Scene', talking to suppliers and obsessively reading cookery literature, exploring and experimenting as I go.

Fascinated from an early age by the journals and cookery books of my great aunt, a London ‘housekeeper’ in the 1800s - I learnt the great classics and deliver them with a contemporary twist.

Providing excellence in customer service has always been my thing…taking time to get to understand your needs…always giving a timely and intelligent response.. getting it right and exceeding your brief…keeping it light, fun and easy…informality with attention to detail.

Staying in touch matters. You can experience my regular menu updates with lots of seasonal and international ideas.

I work from a purpose built kitchen and have Five Stars in the Food Hygiene Scheme (certificate no. 09/096).